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In the garage, I'm a car.

I read a slogan on a tshirt today that said, “Going to church makes you a Christian as much as going to your garage makes you a car.”  The point being that just going to church is only a small part of the equation of course.   475 more words

Faith In Action

Interruptions or Opportunities

The Bible talks about “making the most of every opportunity.” In that particular context it is talking about allowing one’s faith to be evident as often as the opportunity presents itself. 511 more words


Faithful, Christian & Talkative From “Pilgrim’s Progress”

The dialogue in Pilgrim’s Progress is all so rich and meaningful, that it’s hard to pull out “favorite” passages from this book. You can read my full book review by… 465 more words

Faith In Action 'Just Be Willing'

People often ask can you hear from God, or does God speak to people?

Well years ago they had nothing to communicate with long distance. There was Morse code, carrier pigeons etc, but no radios, televisions, no mobile phones or internet. 521 more words

Faith In Action

Spiritual traveler’s notes 17: 'messenger' variable

(Traveler Ying’s notes: In my previous record, I briefly revealed how each individual might have written his or her own perspective if asked to do so. 558 more words

Mind And Spirit Travel

Fire and Ice

Today the extended Branches family gathered under a big white tent to celebrate and dedicate the newly constructed Branches Florida City facility. The building, which also houses Branches UMC, will be the hub for Branches’ activities in southern Miami Dade County. 721 more words

L is for…. Life, Lament, Loss, Leadership, …

It’s been a while again since I last wrote on this blog. There are reasons. Some trivial such as other things to do, taking a holiday from blogging and so on. 619 more words