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Fairies, 1st High School of Xanthi, Greece

Fairies in Andros

Mountain, feared the fairies that meets the crossroads at 12 noon or 12 at night, so no one went out of there lest somethingbad happen. 229 more words

1st High School Of Xanthi

99 cents BLIND TO MEN

If you haven’t read BLIND TO MEN yet, it’s 99 cents on Amazon & Smashwords.

Blind to Men

My theory on one of the causes of teenage depression

We all grow up reading fairytales, and watching cartoons, and kids’ tv shows. But have you ever wondered how that affects us when we become teenagers? 241 more words


The River Games

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A Sabrina Orah Mark Style Imitation

When Samantha fell off the roof, the woodsman gathered an iris, the truth, and a yellow moth. 99 more words

Creative Writing

The Yellow Umbrella.

I’ve always been a believer in soul mates and fairytales and unicorns and rainbows. Ever since I was little, the idea of a princess with one parent that’s been waiting her whole life for a man to… 560 more words

Little Red Riding Hood Pictures

I finally have pictures of my Little Red Riding Hood cloak!

Pieces Featured:

  • Red dress: made mostly by me, finished by my mom, for my sister’s 8th grade Halloween costume (2012)
  • 101 more words
Personal Sewing

Hurry up ...... I'm gone

I wished once upon a time that you would rescue me from myself and save me from the mess I was in
That you’d ride in on your white horse and sweep me up into your arms like a knight in shining armour …….. 135 more words