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Facts in Motion

What is a fact?
A true fragment of a picture.
What do we do with facts?
We run with them, as far as we can. 81 more words


Safe and sound

Jack Daniel, and I am assuming I don’t need to explain you who the guy is, died age 61 in 1911. He met his maker as a result of a toe infection after kicking a safe because he forgot the combination. 8 more words


Suck it up

Every year, an average 100 people choke to death on ballpoint pens.


University Lad & Penis Size

99% of men are not satisfied with their penis. That 1% are a pretty rare breed. It’s also a proven fact that women find bigger penises more satisfying. 768 more words


Beginning today, treat
everyone you meet as if they
were going to be dead by
midnight. Extend to them all
the care, kindness and
understanding you can muster, 17 more words


Clockwork Veggies

Dear Uncle Phin,

I watch my niece and nephew at least one day a week and for the most part they are little angels… until feeding time. 452 more words

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My Idols

This is long overdue. Let’s have a blog about The Rolling Stones shall we!

First off: I have been a fan of theirs since I was 6 years old, I have a photo of me in a gold dress dancing like Mick Jagger for my Dad. 1,775 more words