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Bởi vì Mùa thu cho em yêu anh

Kỳ lạ thật…


Đôi khi có những cảm xúc lâu lắm chính mình mới gặp lại… thứ cảm xúc tưởng chừng như đã không còn tồn tại, tưởng chừng như đã bị lãng quên…Hàng ngày đối diện với nó, thấy mình hờ hững, thấy mọi thứ quá bình thường để có thể khiến mình xao động… và rồi lại tự buồn vì cứ ngỡ tâm hồn mình đã trở nên chai sạn tự bao giờ… cứ ngỡ nó… đã đổi thay… 742 more words

Ký ức Vụn

Girl in Automotive School: Injury Edition

Last week, someone got hurt in class.

He spent half an hour lying on the floor, whimpering into silence.

No, it wasn’t some horrific accident like the kind my parents worry about happening to me — no hands were caught between engine pulleys or transmission gears and ground into a bloody pulp. 1,123 more words

GoFundMe Posts

Open Letter to A[nother] Friend (or, “A Series of Deeply Awkward Events”)

I debated for a bit whether I wanted to post this on a public blog rather than just on Facebook, but decided that it was a sufficiently detailed and nuanced portrait of friendship that I would like to have it out there. 2,863 more words


On Breakups and Suicide.

I spent most of one lunch period this week coaching a classmate on how to break up with his girlfriend.

Why did I do this? Why didn’t I attempt to use my considerable persuasive powers to mend this five-month relationship and convince him to work it out? 570 more words


#ThrowbackThursday -- "Heavy"

I’ve been feeling a bit down on myself and my body recently (I’ve been sick for a couple of weeks; nothing serious, just a cough and a cold and general ickyness), and this felt like an appropriate Throwback Thursday post. 2,433 more words


#ThrowbackThursday -- Flirt

This piece was originally posted as a Facebook note on July 13, 2011.


Something I realized about myself today that somehow escaped my notice until now: I am a flirt. 610 more words


#ThrowbackThursday -- Clothes (or “Sluttiness Is Relative”)

In an effort to slowly migrate much of my writing from Facebook to the wider web, I’m going to be digging up an old post every Thursday and reposting it here for your amusement. 1,570 more words