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Ezra Klein explains the ice bucket challenge


My friend Nilay Patel tagged me in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge so blah blah blah I got a bucket of ice dumped on my head. 150 more words

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Why Vox Media Took on @SavedYouaClick Over Tony Soprano Spoiler

Yesterday morning, the explainer site Vox.com published a 5,000 word story about Sopranos creator David Chase that answered the question posed by the headline: “ 643 more words

Vox Media May Open Their Coveted CMS To the Wider Wordpress-Plagued World

Every blogger, writer and reporter has a love/hate relationship with their content management system. If your professional life belongs to WordPress, for example, the woes of formatting overkill and half a dozen SEO fields have no doubt caused you to look up to the sky and ask: why isn’t there a better way? 254 more words

Did Kajieme Powell have to die (**Warning: Graphic video**)

Being sick really sucks.  As I laid in bed, I was pretty much limited to watching TV or reading on my tablet.  While reading the news, I came across the video footage of the shooting of Kajieme Powell in St. 844 more words

Legal/Law Enforcement

'When you've lost Ezra': Journos find Obama golfing after James Foley presser 'in bad taste'

After delivering a statement about the horrific murder of journalist James Foley at the hands of an ISIS terrorist, President Obama immediately headed for the golf course… 213 more words

US Politics

'Jesus wept': Ezra Klein honors Obama's 'unique gift,' laments his great sacrifice

#Lightbringerosity twitter.com/ezraklein/stat…
Chris Barnhart (@ChrisBarnhart) August 19, 2014

It’s been a hard road for President Obama. Just ask Vox maestro Ezra Klein:

For Obama, the cost of becoming president was sacrificing the unique gift that made him president: …

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'Vox' imagines how media-persecuting cops must treat the little people

As if it weren’t getting tiresome enough listening to reporters make the riots in Ferguson about them, our good friends at Vox produced this.

If police in Ferguson treat journalists like this, imagine how they treat residents: …

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