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To Fill or Not To Fill In Eyebrows, That Is the Question

Let’s just start off with a minute of silence and a kowtow to Anastasia.  She IS the QUEEN OF THE EYEBROW.

Well okay, now that we have that out of the way, I’d like to talk about the rest of us, who are likely not queens of the brow.  275 more words

From across the pond...

If there is one thing that frustrates me about following beauty blogs bases in the UK is that, sometimes the products mentioned and raved about are not available in the US. 627 more words


Look of The Week

This is a simple yet pretty makeup look. It is a look that I would wear for day time, but it can be glammed up a bit for going out too. 645 more words

Look Of The Week

Top 5 Make-Up Dont's

Today’s blog post is about in my opinion the top 5 worst looks you can do with make-up. This is my opinion so if you do any off these things and you like it then keep on doing it if it works for you! 430 more words

Eyebrow Snobbery

I really don’t think some people understand the seriousness of having good brows. I (as well as a few select others) on the other hand really do rank this as a highly important subject. 773 more words


Eyebrows How to's.

Hi guys. For my second post, I decided why not do my eyebrow routine. Now if you are a brown girl, you pretty much have perfect thick eyebrows already, but all eyebrows have gaps which you probably never even noticed! 874 more words




Exotic,thick and full eyebrows are so HOT right now! Seen on acclaimed high fashion model Cara Delevingne this trend has taken the globe by storm!  285 more words