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Lakeside Tea.

Time for another post :>

Things have been improving since my last post. As I said I didn’t feel like I could really communicate too well with anyone or understand anything but this is slowly beginning to seem to change, even though I’ve only been here for 2-3 days. 712 more words


#26 The books that have made me me

I was nominated by a few of my friends on facebook for the #BookBucketChallenge, where one has to post the top list of books that has influenced him the most.Having spent a chunk of my school years with just math and science books, I started reading good pieces of literature only later in life and I have read just some twenty five odd books. 1,329 more words


Separation... The emptiness it leaves

Everyone dreads it!  Be it any kind of separation. Death, distance, choice..
But i have to say, separation by choice is worse. The worse there is, isn’t it? 307 more words

Seasons Coming in the Ellieverse...

With summer winding down and September around the corner fall is just a cool breeze away.
Autumn is my favorite time of the year next to winter because it marks a change not only in seasons but also in activities at home as well as around town. 481 more words


Plant nerds? TV nerds?

“What should we do tomorrow?” I asked my lovely daughter.

“Stay home and watch Adventure Time,” came the reply.

“How about the zoo?”

“No, I’m not in the mood for animals.” 344 more words


An Unusual Saturday: The Attack of Sara.

To those of you who helped me after yesterday’s post, thank you. I don’t think I could’ve stayed upset any longer than midnight because of the comforting comments I read. 1,534 more words


Present Perfect to talk about experience

Which experiences are described in this song? Why do we use the Present Perfect to talk about them? If the video does not open, go to: … 8 more words