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Think before you speak...

Imagine. Just imagine for a second that the person that you thought you were, the person that you knew you were was no longer that person. 317 more words


Soaring above the clouds in a glider

As I’ve said before, I’ve been spendingĀ a lot of time at the festivals lately. All good fun of course, although this also means that weekends that might have been spend flying to whatever destination that comes to mind, are now weekends that are scheduled to take placeĀ  495 more words


Don't Forget to Phosphorylate

So it’s currently 2am and I am just now getting the hang of glycogen metabolism. I faintly remember talking about it in biochemistry in undergrad but I KNOW it was not this detailed. 255 more words


One Snake Two Snake Fiasco

One thing about med students: they always want to be right. So many type A personalities in one setting.

Over the past month, a lot of people have been complaining about the fact that the bookstore doesn’t have any med school tshirt in stock. 336 more words


First Month

So much has happened in the first three weeks of medical school.

I have met some amazing people. Some of which I actually know their name! 604 more words


Miami, Round Two.


Remember my post about being nomad but not wanting to move again? Well, I moved, again.

I came back to Florida! And boy, it feels good. 149 more words

Urban Exploration

My experience of Ramadan: Blending cultures

Fasting during Ramadan in a palace on a Swiss mountain seemed like the right decision this year. I tried it for the last three days of Ramadan so I could experience Eid. 936 more words