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Destiny's Dune

Molded by undiscerning time

Shifted by volatile moods

Blown by careless thoughts

Soothed by moonlit caresses

Imprinted by love lost and gained

I possess the power of a grain of sand… 6 more words


CFA Kick-off!

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London Poem: Day 183

16 February

Soft slits rising above the noise,
Asking the question:
What are words?
The cold intrusion of the soul,
Someone shouts from somewhere unseen. 57 more words


Big dreams

-It’s kind of an endless nightmare when it collapse

A short segue

The night moves swiftly along and what started out as a meeting of like-minded strangers has quickly become a bonding exercise. Shae and I take smoke breaks together and discuss the whole situation. 380 more words

Pain: Part 2 : Do we need to feel it

So here is the second part of my pain series. In part one I explored the theories around physical pain. In this segment Id like to talk about emotional pain. 475 more words

The Difference

The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude. ~Dennis S. Brown