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Short Fiction: Yesenia

First Published on Tuesday, September 13, 2011


She was sleeping now, in the semi-darkness, light bleeding in through the lace curtains from the streetlight outside. Doug sat on the edge of the bed behind her, staring, watching. 824 more words

Short Fiction

On the earth’s edge

(work in progress, comments and suggestions make me happy)

“You don’t know what you want,” you said
to me, and you’re right. I fought
the most for feeling, and when I felt nothing… 193 more words


Being and Specialness: 'The Zero Theorem' and 'The LEGO Movie'

Contains major spoilers for The Zero Theorem and The LEGO Movie.

Well, I didn’t lie, exactly. It just took a little longer than I expected. I actually did write the main body of this post a while ago (hence the lazy Eurovision crack in the next paragraph), but it was a time when the film had already left UK cinemas, and very few people elsewhere had gotten the chance to see it yet. 2,138 more words


A Beginning ("Small Parts")

Cold January cracks through the diamond patterned lines on the security glass. The winter sun blinds my puffy eyes, stretches across my white blanket, my white sheets.

867 more words
Creative Nonfiction + Memoir

Reboot, An Evolutionary Tale


I’ve nothing but time young dude, so help an old man out here, what’s going on? Are you with the Geek Death Squad?”

Hey, are like Gandalf or something man? 1,928 more words

The expense of truth

There are three kinds of people, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

The Buddhist Monk is a consume-nothing minimalist. Bare white spaces leave room for contemplation. You can imagine anything in a bare white space. 1,202 more words

To Add Insult To Injury

Life is a predicament of continuously adapting to our immediate environment so as to avoid suffering of any degree; and ever dealing with consequences for our every decision. 111 more words