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365 Challenge Day 104 - Not knowing

Today I really did not feel my best.  My energy was okay, I did a lot of cleaning, but my stomach was off and I felt nauseous.  377 more words

365 Challenge

Lifestyle interventions in obese children (Cochrane, 2014)

Lifestyle intervention for improving school achievement in overweight or obese children and adolescents.
Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2014 Mar 14;3:CD009728.
Martin A1, Saunders DH, Shenkin SD, Sproule J. 282 more words



I’m struggling to keep my weight down now that I’m not working. I don’t obsess about my weight, but I’m happy with the size I’m at now and don’t really want to get any larger. 100 more words


Wow, how do I even start?

It’s been almost a year and so much has happened I’m not sure where to begin.
I had some injuries and a few setbacks that caused me to reconsider everything about myself. 322 more words


Day 20: Variety for MIND, not for gains.

Variety in your training is important – but if you have too much inconsistency in your program, it can be very difficult to measure actual progress in your strength gains. 276 more words

9 Week Challenge

Success Stories

The National Weight Control Registry is an ongoing national scientific study of people who have lost a significant amount of weight and have been successful at keeping it off. 239 more words


365 Challenge Day 103 - Trust

I babysat last night, and my little four-year-old munchkin got me up at 6am.  I was dragging all day!  I felt exhausted, and would have probably taken any excuse not to got to yoga class today, but I really didn’t have any.  283 more words

365 Challenge