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Just keep on going

Running can be a huge mental struggle, especially when you’re just starting out. It gets better the more you do, you basically have to train your mind along with your body. 135 more words


Neila Rey's challenge - 30 days of cardio blast

Without challenges and goals life is just the passing of time. That’s why I’m so excited to be starting another challenge tomorrow. This time, my superstar friend (more about her in another post), is joining me. 324 more words


August, 2014: Monthly Summary

I think I’ve been writing the title of these posts in a grammatically incorrect fashion for some time. I’ve been following tradition, though I decided to correct it, and skip tradition. 125 more words


365 Challenge Day 106 - Sweat

I have never been to class that was so humid as today.  It rained last night, and was predicted to rain today, so outside was already humid.  140 more words

365 Challenge

Today we'll be victorious!

Picture this tree about twice as large in diameter and you’ll have an idea of the tree we’ve been attacking this weekend. We also have a firewood holder right in front of the tree, and the tree fell on it, of course. 242 more words


The Science of Why I Don't Do CrossFit: A Follow-Up

I received quite a bit of feedback, both good and bad, on my last commentary on CrossFit. Some things I discussed with people one on one, some people trolled the page, and some people actually learned something new! 4,634 more words

General Posts

Body By Crotchety: Part One

I joined the gym three years ago because it was cheaper than paying by the class for Zumba. Aside from saving a few bucks, my goal was to get more exercise to help me lose weight. 551 more words