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RPG Design: The Asymmetry of Narrative Weight

Not all story elements have equal impact on a game setting. The more dramatic a threat to the status quo, the more that threat deforms the setting around it like a gravity well, pulling characters and events into its orbit. 993 more words


Ink Monkey Bones #16: Swallow the Black Pearl

Here’s another excerpt from the original Ink Monkeys blog’s never-published “Hearthstone and Manse Charms” post. We’re holding some back in hopes that we can revise them for publication in some future Third Edition supplement. 93 more words




Today’s Scripture Selection: Mark 16:19

(Note to faithful readers: Please excuse the bit of hedging on our alphabetical search through the scriptures.  X is a pesky little letter so I’m afraid we’ll have to settle for using words that have x somewhere in them!) 253 more words

Exalted: Language Families and Dialects

Some quick thoughts on languages in Exalted:

First and Second Editions both used the terms “language” and “language family” more or less interchangeably. 600 more words


Onyx Path Publishing 2014-2015 Scheduling Brochure released

Onyx Path Publishing has posted a free full-color PDF brochure that summarizes the upcoming books for late 2014 and early 2015. Fans should feel a frisson of familiarity, as it shares the glossy, full-bleed look of old-school White Wolf brochures. 109 more words


Ink Monkey Bones #15: Moon-Born Madness Assimilation

Not much to say about this one, other than that it’s very second edition. I can’t wait for Exalted Third Edition to be released so that I can talk about all the cool stuff in it! 154 more words


The Chronicles Of Heavenly Artifice CLXXV - Death and the Sleeping Duty

In Yu-Shan, Charles was still popping about via his transport amulet – which was the only reason he was remaining ahead of the ever-increasing delegation from the divine bureaucracy that wanted to talk to him; he was stirring things up with a lot more than Hipparions! 5,772 more words

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