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This is a topic that is terrifying to me, kids and the thought of me having any some day. With my ex I knew I didn’t want any children ever, but with my boyfriend there’s the thought of possibly someday having a kid. 164 more words


Location Location Location (question for my followers)

Today, i was looking at my stats of where my blog is being read. I noticed that someone in South Africa is reading me. THAT’s GREAT! 110 more words


Little "Jokes" Go a Long Way

My ex husband use to “tease” me about stupid stuff. Everything I liked was stupid or silly, everything I did was clumsy or just not right and he was never overly mean about it, if I got upset he would say I’m just joking, you know that. 484 more words

Finding Me

My Crazy Mind

It’s funny that I’ve been giving therapy to a variety of clients everyday for the past 2 1/2 months. I have to admit that giving therapy is a way to give yourself therapy. 441 more words


Blame & Narcissistic Injury - by Bill Eddy & Randi Kreger.

To feel some sense of power and control, people with BPD or NPD strike out at those they perceive are hurting them -with physical violence, verbal abuse, hurtful rumors spread to family and friends (often called “distortion campaigns”), other actions, or some combination.

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Matty and the DTR

So I haven’t posted about Matty yet.

He’s a really nice guy I met on what my friend from the City and I call (in an obnoxious British accent) “The Tinder.” 500 more words

Quarter Life Crisis

So that last post was a little pathetic. 

That’s what happens when I’m going on no sleep and my best friend and I start talking about our super depressing love lives. 190 more words