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Surrogate outcomes: That's not why we play the game

Sports fans are familiar with the adage, “that’s why they play the game.” Statistically any one team may seem to be better on paper, but upsets are possible and do happen with some regularity.  410 more words

Do doctors treat pensioners with snake oil?

A cheering and optimistic story about dementia at HealthInsightUK.org.When Obhi Chatterjee’s dad was diagnosed, Obhi set about researching the most plausible supplements and diets to help him. 663 more words

Lack Of Evidence

Experts denounce clinical trials of unscientific, 'alternative' medicines

CNO Editors Note: With all do respect to the dubious experts, let scientific method determine what is medicine and what is not?

” Over the last two decades, such complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments have been embraced in medical academia despite budget constraints and the fact that they rest on dubious science, they say.” 663 more words

Medical Ethics

Why We Get Fat: An Alternative Hypothesis – by Gary Taubes

All Calories are NOT dealt with equally within our body. While we can’t violate the laws of thermodynamics, there are a lot of factors that go into play that can bring weight loss to a halt. 43 more words

AHSNZ Conference Series: Ancestral Health in General Practice - Art, Science, or Quackery? Part II

After the success of the first AHSNZ conference in Christchurch we had many people who were unable to make it contact us hungry for more information. 1,645 more words


The Evidence Pyramid: Not all studies are created equal

The Evidence Pyramid: Not all studies are created equal

There is a joke among journalists that we all went into this profession because we suck at math, yet paradoxically the best journalists use numbers to fortify their stories. 1,027 more words

Blog: Medical Journalism's Influence On Public And Policy

The ethics of Ebola

On Tuesday I phoned in for the WHO press conference about the ethics of allowing experimental treatments to be used in the current, out-of-control outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa. 454 more words

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