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Is it even a hiatus if you’ve only ever published five posts?

I guess I’m back. Or I’m starting again. Or whatever. There’s few things I realized since my last post: 90 more words

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The Problem With Assumptions

Have you ever heard the statement, “If you assume, you make an ass out of u and me!”?

Guess who is kind of an ass today. 1,328 more words

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This Woman Is Absolutely Disgusted By Overall-Wearing Alabama Fan

Thanks to Hal Cohen, 2014 has its entrant for Alabama Fan of the Year. Easily forgot is the brawling mother from last year’s Sugar Bowl, who was super “Roll Tide,” and now representing the collective stereotype of the Crimson Tide fanbase is this feller who wore houndstooth overalls, a ponytail and flipped snapback, as well as packed a banjo. 58 more words


We are a hit on Fandalism

Fandalism likes “I Saw Mother Kissing Krampus” so much it feels it has “passed the threshold of hotness” according to them. They have given it a fire icon to show how hot it is and placed on their front page.  8 more words

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Here is a post I did way back when I was just starting out... and I sort of can't believe that I did it...

It was called: Oh yeah, Baby…


If you love me, go down. Come on, don’t be shy.

That’s it. That feels good. Scroll down a little more. 396 more words