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22 things before 22.

September 1st. Another month down, another list of things I wanted to accomplish but never did. I don’t want to get any older because time has already passed too quickly. 542 more words

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The Consequences of Life Choices

My SO is a huge into dirt track racing.  He is sort of the pit crew for a driver.  He spends a great deal of time working on the car with Scotty and I think it’s great.   319 more words

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just a typical september beginning

shaved the moustache, letting the beard grow back in…

cleaned out the closet; donating old winter coat, pants, etc., that no longer fit; hung the new coat in the closet, put mitts and toque in pockets, scarf hanging over the shoulder, ready for winter… … 35 more words

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Why I Can't Sleep Tonight

I saw this notebook for sale that had the cover ‘Why I Can’t Sleep Tonight’ and it was to write down what was bothering you that much at that time that meant you couldn’t get to sleep. 95 more words


Syria Strategy

Time for more venting on Congresspeople – and media – who have learned nothing from recent history.  First point, strategy is not tactics.  Bombing ISIS vehicles and strong points is tactics, it requires some good intelligence and is even handier if you have trusted folks on the ground lighting up the target with a laser.  642 more words

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Submission For D&T

It has ended. I couldn’t believe it. No, we couldn’t believe it. I finished everything at 1620. So I was super happy. I have lots to say but I forgot everything… 1,567 more words


Why not?

Being a football fan is an investment. You give your Saturdays, tailgating, cheering on your team, screaming, discounting bad ref calls. And hopefully, in return, you get the satisfaction of a win. 321 more words

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