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EAT MAKATI: Fish & Co.


The last time I ate here, I was still wearing a blue skirt and a white blouse – my uniform which was about 4 years ago already. 260 more words


VENICE: Easy Breezy at Work


When bored and sleepy, yup! I do this instead.


List of Books I Read in 2013

With so many self improvement books to choose from, there are some which are truly life changing and opening a new perspective in life. In year 2013 I read more than 130 books and here are list of them, the one marked “-” on the front kf the title are the books I personally recommend for you to read. 828 more words

Self Help

Fear and Overcoming

Everyday I try to do something that scares me. This week I have introduced myself to at least one person in each of my college classes. 90 more words



Anyone else have a phobia. And I mean a real legitimate phobia. Not the “Im afraid of this or that.” I have a very serious phobia. 266 more words

Save Rock and Roll

I need more dreams. I need a little more light. Go cry an ocean because I’m done. I’m here to scream, “NO!” 352 more words



What better way to celebrate/mourn the last day of summer than listening to beatifully depressing music? Got to love the rawness of her songs. Almost September, everyone’s moving or going back to uni. 12 more words