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Love is grace and hell

People talk pretty to me and ask “what do you believe -grace or hell, grace or hell?” 

Why have all our religions boiled down to this -massive grace or violent hell? 160 more words


Get Ready With Me (only makeup)

Guys I am back with another video! I am so excited to FINALLY be posting a SECOND video! Took me quite a while to learn how to do it. 194 more words


One Ingredient for Your Everyday Cheat

Ever wanted Ice cream, but knew truth of how bad it was for you? High in calories, sugar, fat, and contained dairy which gave you a terrible feeling, especially for the lactose intolerant. 286 more words


An ode to Jane Austen

I need to be a better letter writer; to actually put pen to paper and send some thoughtfully composed contemplations to friends. My handwriting, alas, has deteriorated significantly over the years. 542 more words


restarting: an attempt

I’ve often thought about restarting my blog*. I was always sporadic at best, put it down shortly before the wedding with the intention of picking it back up, and nearly two years later here we are.  306 more words

Hunt it down ..

My ultimate motivational and encouraging statement that i keep telling people who cannot achieve their goals is “if you want something bad enough, hunt it down and you will get it”. 74 more words


What you think I want, You misunderstand

It seems the things that are supposed to be terrifying and scary to everyone else do not seem to phase me. The things that are supposed to be “normal” make me want to run and hide in a corner. 527 more words