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Stylish Eve Outfits 2013: Beach Wear with Shorts, Perfect Out of Water Style

Going to the beach does not always mean you have plans to get into the water. Sometimes you just want to take a walk along the shore with bare feet and enjoy the waves brushing up against your legs, and the sand sifting between your toes. 19 more words

Elgato’s HomeKit-ready sensors automate your entire home


Elgato’s HomeKit-ready sensors automate your entire home | Cult of Mac -

The latest of these is Elgato’s new line of “Eve” connected home sensors, which debuted at the IFA 2014 trade show in Berlin, Germany.

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Pleasing To The Eye

6When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye…(Genesis 3:6)

What similarities do we see in this passage compared to the life of pornography? 331 more words


Eve: How to see long-term consequences in little decisions.

In a study a few years ago Dr. Erich Klinger found that all of us make anywhere from three hundred to seventeen hundred decisions, now that is a lot of decision making, right. 698 more words


Missioning, Ninja Salvaged and Diving into PVP

Been missioning for a fair bit and got a bit interesting since I was ninja salvaged twice two days ago. Apparantly one capsuleer decided to hang out in the system i was missioning and go into other people’s mission and salvage their wrecks. 100 more words


Spring/ Summer 2013 Outfits with Shorts for Women by Stylish Eve

Though in most regions of the world we’re still in winter where some areas have freezing or significantly low temperatures, a lot of women are totally waiting for the presence of the spring/ summer season. 23 more words