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Crawling before I walk

The elation of my first video post and the 1bill ISK earned from OMC has died down now and I’ve been reduced to humble reflection mode. 538 more words

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Missioning, Ninja Salvaged and Diving into PVP

Been missioning for a fair bit and got a bit interesting since I was ninja salvaged twice two days ago. Apparantly one capsuleer decided to hang out in the system i was missioning and go into other people’s mission and salvage their wrecks. 100 more words


Quiet times

Quiet times in EVE. I have been working my trade routes and skilling up one of my capsuleers as an R&D farmer. Farming datacores provides an easy source of ISK and it is an activity that is not well advertised by CCP. 47 more words

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Back to Basics

From the first time I ever joined a combat fleet, I fell in love with the danger and excitement of hunting and being hunted in low security space.   493 more words

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I had generally found Falcon’s amusing up until now

There are two boisterous segments of the EVE community that I do my best to ignore. The first are the piously obnoxious, and the second are the stridently uninformed. 904 more words

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Hyperion and Wormholes Part 2

I wrote about my early impressions on Hyperion from the perspective of someone who actually lives in a C4 and flies with a quite small corporation.   1,035 more words

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