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Lonely In My Aloneness

So… what to do now? Honestly people I feel bored out of my mind half the time. My entire life has always been my kid, working with law enforcement and serving others, but now I don’t even have pets to take care of anymore. 1,338 more words


Spanish Language Training Handbook

Click to download .PDF HFH Espagnol

Greetings, mighty gospel warriors!

We want to thank Clay Hamrick and Mosaic International Church for helping us translate our Harvest Fields Handbook into Spanish. 120 more words


For the Joy Set Before

I think it was Mike Warnke who said it: “Do you have to get cleaned up to take a bath?”

I’ve known her for perhaps my entire ministry. 1,013 more words

Deeper Conversations About Live

In a recent in house email to Cru staff, there was an article about a discussion guide for the recently released film, The Giver. If you’re not on that list, let me encourage you to read on for one way to have deeper conversations with those who may see life differently than you. 241 more words


The Real Reason for the ReBuild

As we count down to the completion of our ReBuild project, the stress and urgency of the construction has heightened to a tipping point. While the major structural work has been completed, there is now a myriad of minor, yet complex, features that need to be coordinated. 312 more words


On My Way To Heaven and I Can"t Late

Each day I’m allowed to awaken this side of heaven. I’m thankful for all the wonderful things the Lord God has blessed me with as His child. 577 more words


Day 23: The Evangelism Challenge (The Girl in ASDA)

Another simple day witnessing: met someone in ASDA and shared with them a tract. Funnily enough, today I noted the reaction, which was much more pleased than the other people I had spoken with (and by now, you guys know that I’ve evangelised to quite a few people in ASDA lol) 7 more words