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As Erdogan ascends to the presidency, Turkey's star is in free fall

Newly sworn in as Turkey’s president, Recep Tayip Erdogan is now a few constitutional amendments from becoming his country’s most powerful leader since Kemal Ataturk. The task of… 510 more words

How Russia can hurt the West: An embargo hit list for Vladimir Putin

Sanctions are a blunt tool. Their effects can be unpredictable, for the target of an embargo as well as the side that imposes it.

As the tensions between Russia and West show few signs of de-escalation— 671 more words

Cyprus' ongoing conflict has a new victim: halloumi cheese

Cyprus has a long history of conflict. But 40 years after it was invaded by Turkey, that conflict is fueling an ongoing dispute over a popular Cypriot cheese. 731 more words

Russia's secret weapon against Europe: Deflation

The euro zone has been flirting with deflation for months, with prices rising by a mere 0.4% last month, the weakest rate in years. As prices slip further and further from the European Central Bank’s 2% target, the risk of the “ 442 more words

Schools, hospitals, and prisons in Europe can thank Putin for all the free peaches

From Polish apples to Belgian pears, Italian peaches, and Spanish nectarines, the European Union shipped $1.7 billion worth of fruit to Russia last year. Russia’s… 389 more words