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Evil is as evil does

Jonah Goldberg, a thinker and writer I admire, recently commented on the word ‘evil’ in connection with the depraved terror tactics of Islamists. Mr. Goldberg notes that some journalists and academics object to the word because it harks back to “a simpler time” or even that it “stops us from thinking.” He responds: “No, it doesn’t. 245 more words

Lies, damned lies

I’ve never been a huge fan of neurolinguistic programming (NLP). Apart from the fact that it’s been shown to be pseudoscience, it always felt fake to me, certainly in the form it was preached: standing in front of a mirror and repeating things until you believed them.  405 more words

Why Can't Anyone Say "Died?"

George Carlin once said, “Thanks to our fear of death in this country, I won’t have to die. I’ll pass away.”

Read any newspaper obituary and it will use the word  202 more words

The Euphemistic Guide to Sexual Encounters

The Euphemistic Guide to Sexual Encounters


I’d love to come up

and see your etchings

if they are the skin deep scars

on your body. 125 more words


Puns, Absurdities, Death, Euphemisms and a Joyous Resignation

Caution, the groan-factor is on high!

    Jason Everhardt 1/1/2000 has joined Comedy Corner at 16:42:45

    Pardon the Puns:

    Hangover: the wrath of grapes.

    Income Tax: capital punishment.

    1,173 more words

Eww-phemisms: The Agent on Euphemistic Language and Context Vs. Content

Today we broach another topic that I once covered in my college newspaper days. Those who know me know I have a fascination with words and how they are used. 377 more words

Brain Droppings

Coining a term: "Prebound"

In conversation with a girl recently, we were talking about why people break up and in a moment of untrammeled linguistic brilliance the word “prebound” danced off my tongue to describe the pre-breakup fling that people (often women) will use to rationalize why they are out of love or “have to” leave their current “relationship.” It’s when a girl knows it’s over for some reason or other, but is searching for a reason to end it (or get the guy to end it), in the name of “finding herself”, “getting to know herself” or any of a dozen other miasmic euphemistria. 100 more words