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Den: the power of lowness, including all things that live within that power. Accordingly, a down (den) is low land (in comparison with mountains but distinct from swamps) and a den is the lair or lie of an animal (and usually buried in the ground.) This spiritual term makes a distinction between the powers of beasts, which are of the earth, and those of people, who stand above it, and allows for both to rise above the power of death, which lies in the bogs of lowest ground. 33 more words


I want to etch you in my heart

I want to etch your every line in my heart –

Etch as in ezjan – to be eaten – (by you)

I want to be swallowed whole by your dark gaze… 68 more words



Stinky; having an offensive smell. Middle French “puant” < Latin “putor”= a stench < “putere”=to stink.



A place for valuables; a hiding place. Latin “abditorium”=storeroom, chest < “abdere”=to hide + “-orium”=suffix meaning “place.”



Pod: the energy of protection, that manifests itself as a soft purse, the pad of a foot, the flat of a hand, or the padding of a jacket.

Milkweed Pod, Opening


We Don't Need A New Word For That

A lot of new things suck. Most new movies suck. Most new television shows suck. Even though I love to read, most new books suck (that’s only because James Patterson has his name on 90% of the new stuff out there, and almost ALL of his books suck).   1,070 more words



Glittering, shining, gleaming. Latin “coruscare”=to flash, gleam, sparkle + “-ant”=adjective-forming suffix.