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Burst: energy that exceeds its container, as in the bur of a dock plant, that hooks onto your clothing or an animal’s fur and is transported great distances, the bursting of a cloud, a flower bursting forth, a broom bristling and making dust move faster than the broom itself, a sudden surge of speed, the drone of an extended vowel (a burr) and so on. 103 more words


Where does the name K2 come from?

Name of the Karakoram Range. The name K2 is derived from the notation used by the Great Trigonometric Survey. Thomas Montgomerie numbered the most prominent peaks of Kararkoram K1 to K35. 27 more words


A small, open-top vessel for traveling on water. Old English “bat”=boat, vessel < Germanic “bitan”=to cleave, cut (like a log).


Bongo Bongo

If you’re a fan of the Mashed Radish, you’ll definitely want to fire up some episodes of Bongo Bongo.

Magnet Media brought to my attention  106 more words

Some Occupations You've Never Heard of Revealed in English Surnames

It’s easy to guess what an ancestor of someone named Cook, Carpenter, or Smith did for a living. With other occupational surnames, though, either the word or the trade has become obsolete, so the meaning is hidden. 41 more words



Sea-going vessel for transporting people or goods. Old English “scip” < ship, boat < Proto-Germanic “*skipa.”



A crazy or foolish person; an idiot. Hindi “pagal”=a mad person.