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 under this expanse of midnight sky,

the warm evening air grows more voluptuous

with the scent of summers fading blooms

lovingly, it saunters through my hair… 150 more words


5 minutes to enternity

When he was with the world
5 minutes were as long as,
300 seconds.
300000 milliseconds.
3e+ 8 microseconds.
3e+11 nanoseconds.
He craved for 5 minutes with his world, How long were 5 minutes then? Till eternity fades away.

What is Eternal

What is Eternal

Fireflies flit around the open flame of my hibachi. The evening, humid, hot, and sweltering like a welder’s torch, forces me to bathe my wrists against a cool, calming glass of tea. 292 more words


The Wisdom of the Clock

The Wisdom of the Clock

You can’t escape its silent roar
Its race is cast from shore to shore
Time dashes off and then is gone… 120 more words

Poems About Life


passing on the bridge
the beams hold still
from the weight
of lovers’ locks

I peer down
the sea:

a graveyard of keys


Ticking Clock

Okay, readers. Since I forgot to post yesterday due to my hectic day of procrastinated homework, I am mixing the prompt from yesterday with the one from today. 565 more words