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Is your Superannuation really yours?

Not everyone realises a substantial part of “their assets” won’t automatically be included in their estate when they pass away. So what are these assets? 620 more words

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What's in a Title?...Everything!

One of the considerations you should be thinking about during a commercial real estate acquisition, whether a Class-A office building or a strip mall — is how you will hold title. 686 more words

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“Your Life, Your Choices” on Labor Day 2014

More on End-of-Life Political Decisions from a Different Perspective

By Dr. David Edward Marcinko; MBA, CMP™

The controversial booklet Your Life, Your Choices begins by saying, 515 more words


Why Irrevocable Trusts vs outright Gifting

People often wonder about the value of using irrevocable trusts in Medicaid planning. Certainly gifting of assets can be done outright, not involving an irrevocable trust. 315 more words

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Estate Planning for Young People with Special Needs: Article 17A Guardianships and Special Needs Trusts

by Bryan Lane Berson, Esq.                                   Download PDF: Article 17A Guardianships and SNTs in NY

Article 17A Guardianships

New York has established different guardianships for people in need of supervision (sometime referred to as “incapacitated persons,” “IPs,” or “wards”). 590 more words

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Labour Day

Hi everyone,

Well, Labour Day is here once again and the traditional summer is nearly over.  For those of you who are history buffs, take a  137 more words

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Making Life Easier for your Executor(s)

Ok, let’s talk about death for a minute. It happens to all of us, yet nobody wants to think about it. I, on the other hand, make a career out of thinking about it! 499 more words

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