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College Tuition: Discover How Grandparents Can Help Their Grandchildren and Save Taxes Too

With college tuition coming due, families should consider tax efficient ways to pay for these expenses. Grandparents who wish to help their children with tuition costs can take advantage of some special gift tax breaks. 816 more words


Should You Change Jobs or Stay the Course?

Does sticking with the same firm actually hurt your financial potential?

If you spend two years or less at a series of jobs, is that a problem? 966 more words

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Estate Planning Tip: Write Down those Usernames and Passwords.

One of the main goals in estate planning is to provide for a clear and efficient way to distribute assets upon your death. This process can become much more frustrating for your family if they are unable to access your online account information with your banks, stock brokers,  etc. 167 more words

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Robin Williams's Estate Plan: He got it right.

 Most of the time when you read about celebrities and their estate plans it is to point out something they may have done wrong, but today I am pleased to report that based on preliminary reports from TMZ, Robin Williams may have made the right moves in his estate planning by establishing  a revocable trust as the main vehicle to transfer his assets at death. 338 more words

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Is your Superannuation really yours?

Not everyone realises a substantial part of “their assets” won’t automatically be included in their estate when they pass away. So what are these assets? 620 more words

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What's in a Title?...Everything!

One of the considerations you should be thinking about during a commercial real estate acquisition, whether a Class-A office building or a strip mall — is how you will hold title. 686 more words

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“Your Life, Your Choices” on Labor Day 2014

More on End-of-Life Political Decisions from a Different Perspective

By Dr. David Edward Marcinko; MBA, CMP™

The controversial booklet Your Life, Your Choices begins by saying, 515 more words