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Better a Prince in Hell - Analyzing Madoka Rebellion

Plenty of websites and well-respected critics have complained about Gen Urobuchi’s Gekijōban Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika Hangyaku no Monogatari (“Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie : The Rebellion Story” 3,590 more words


[Guest Post] - Who God Hates, Who God Loves

This article has been copied from http://www.definegrace.net/god-hates-god-loves/ with permission and written by Bryan Rhoden. Please visit them to give feedback and encouragement.

What if the God you pledged your allegiance to and professed your love for suddenly became much different than you knew Him to be? 1,252 more words



I am perfectly content when I am online. I often use a computer but seldom have internet. Once connected, I feel pleased because of new things that I learn as well as different activities that I do such as writing. 483 more words


August 30th, 1974: The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Headquarters Bombing

Today is the fortieth anniversary of a shocking but remarkably little-known incident and the most fatal of its kind until the Aum sarin subway attack in 1995. 661 more words


I Can Make You Hate! by Charlie Brooker

I realised I’d read a lot of these before, in The Guardian, but that didn’t stop them from being laugh-out-loud hilarious. Dangerous to read on the train!


DDG-1000: Exploring Engineering Features

Imagine a ship that is essentially electronic: a centre computer core network, accessible from workstations around the ship; electromagnetic weapons like rail guns or even directed energy weapons; with a crew twice as lean as previously possible due to a high prevalence of automation integrated into its design. 735 more words


A wolf in sheep's clothing

“You all have something to say about me. How can you stop and listen, when all you do is talk?”
-Austin Carlile

I’ve been told recently that my posts are becoming more optimistic and that my readers are actually enjoying the change from my usual anti-everything rants. 1,020 more words