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6 Careless Errors Students Make While Writing a College Paper

The ability to write well is one of the most significant skills students can learn at the college level that plays a crucial role in getting academic success. 387 more words


key to all the doors

My adventure into the world of photography began with ‘The forbidden tree’. I remember that day as it was yesterday. It wasn’t the very first time of me picking up a camera, yet it wasn’t the day when I first decided to make a self-portrait. 257 more words


Courage, dear heart

I’m sad and I don’t know why. I cry at random times of the day, sometimes at two in the morning, other times immediately when I wake up. 348 more words


Quickies: The Year of the Hare & I Remember Nothing

The Year of the Hare by Arto Paasilinna

Publisher/Year: Penguin, 2010
Format: Paperback
Pages: 194
Source: Library

What it is: While he’s on assignment with a colleague, a journalist named Vatanen realizes he’s tired of his life. 402 more words


Rock of Ages

Pete Townshend of The Who once did an interview in which he explained the drama, infighting, and eventual break-up of successful bands. As individuals evolve personally and professionally they often have increasingly less in common with the friends of their youth. 620 more words


The Broken Dialogue

I used to love a good boozed-fueled political debate. Then a girl I wanted to date, marry, and possibly impregnate informed me I was being an asshole. 944 more words