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Critics in the World of the Rising Souffle by Nora Ephron

The food world can be a terribly gossipy place, particularly when the people in it start to look at themselves as Players. Before “foodies” there was “The Food Establishment”, way back in 1968, and here’s Nora Ephron to tell us all about it. 11 more words


The Heart of the Blues

Themes in “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin

“Sonny’s Blues” is a short story about two brothers in Harlem, New York, who are torn apart and finally reunited by jazz. 925 more words


Invincible (Sanaa)

I ran and I didn’t lend a care to the world. I was only fourteen, so a beer in my hand would’ve been an illegal act; instead, I chugged two cans of an apple-flavoured soda and drowsed left-to-right in a tipsy manner. 768 more words



I met Bill because a Spanish man was furiously masturbating for 8 hours straight 2 feet away from me.


I had broken my ankle playing dodgeball, or as I was telling people, “I fought a bear. 2,004 more words


Goodbye My Friend.

You’ll never know when your life would end; would never even know how. That would be the reason why they have said that life is too short. 312 more words


Essay: One Fire to Cleanse Them All...

First Published on Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony was found not guilty yesterday of killing her daughter, Caylee Anthony. And the mob roared, “Give us blood! 1,450 more words


My Own Labor History

When I was a senior in high school I began my first full-time job as a cook at a local deli, Isaly’s in Pittsburgh. Working part-time nights and weekends until graduation I trained in the day cook’s position of opening the kitchen at 6:00 am to cook the lunch entrée and heat up the soups, open the doors of the shop at 7:00 am for the first customers wanting coffee and a pastry or a brown bag lunch to go, serve meals and beverages and offer counter help at all the stations as needed, plan the weekly lunch specials and soups and order accordingly, also using leftovers, with as little waste as possible, keeping the kitchen and walk-in freezer clean, and deep frying 50 pounds of fish every Friday for a community that still observed this particular weekly fasting menu. 1,701 more words