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Common Sayings in American English: "Not even remotely true"

Part of communication in English  includes disagreements. Sadly, whether you are speaking English for business or your personal life, fights and arguments will happen. In this blog post, I want to help you learn how and when to use the phrase “that is not even remotely true”. 424 more words

Learning English

Teach Thought: Challenge for teachers to blog every day for a month

As I decided last week I would start a blog about my teaching experiences to commemorate my 20th year of teaching, I found out on the National Writing Project’s site about Teach Thought’s blog challenge. 390 more words


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March 2014

Teaching Context

One of my biggest challenges with my students is getting to use context. In China, English grammar is the focus in schools. Conversation is less important. 913 more words


Analyzing Verb Tenses to Sequence Events in a Song


A. Listen to the song once for general understanding.

B. Listen again to fill in the blanks with the verbs in the song. The verbs may be in the simple present, present progressive, simple past, simple future, or present perfect forms. 409 more words


Esta bien

It amazes me how, in a city of 6+ million people you can go to a park or plaza and find silence. This is especially true on Sundays, a day reserved for family, where many restaurants and shops are closed. 347 more words

No Sit?

Today was the end of my summer vacation, which I plan on posting about sometime in the near future, cause nothing better than a summer vacation post in mid September. 172 more words