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Essential Eschatology

As a Christian pastor and leader, I have two often conflicting passions, unity in the larger Body of Christ and Eschatology. I say conflicting because there are few subjects that so deeply divide sincere Christians as that of Eschatology (the study of last things). 853 more words


Last Days, Past or Future - Part 2

What did Jesus really say about the last days in Mark Chapter 13.

Was it truly for his disciples, or was he really speaking to us? 35 more words


Our New Website on Amillennialism

The posting on this blog has been limited over the last few weeks due to working on another project over the summer. It has been much work and lots of research however today we are tremendously happy to introduce to you this project in the form of a new website that we have created that is solely focused on the topic of eschatology. 126 more words


You Don't Understand How Dangerous The Islamic Extremists Are

Iran and the Shias

I believe that Iran made a deal with the West, to stop enriching uranium at its two known facilities, only because they have one or more secret facilities, outfitted with next-gen carbon-fiber centrifuges, currently making weapon-grade uranium. 889 more words


Where Do We Go When We Die

Where do we go when we die? This is a question we are intrigued by. Even people who are not religious are interested in this question. 2,316 more words


How Many Dispensations? A Comparison Of Various Dispensational Schemes By Ed. Sanders

How many dispensations are there? It depends on who you ask! I have documented schemes that claim anywhere between 3 and 19. I quote one author that says it could be as many as 37! 41 more words

The Bible

Bible Prophecy

Some people who have made the choice not to believe in God say, “The Bible was written by men.” As if we didn’t already know that! 641 more words