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ESAHangout: Where will Philae land? - Streamed live on Sep 2, 2014

ESA hangout about the possible landing sites on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko for Rosetta’s lander Philae.


Spaceflight Is Hard: SpaceX and Galileo mishaps

Spaceflight is hard.  Failures are, therefore, to be expected.  SpaceX has analyzed the failure of the F9R Dev 1 test article in Texas recently, and has found that the fault was due to a clogged sensor tube which caused the vehicle to not orient itself properly, which in turn led to the on-board computer detecting the flight deviating from plan and terminating.  277 more words


I wrote a post for the LSE

I wrote a post for the LSE’s Constitution UK blog about benefits sanctions. You can check it out here.

Link it if you like, I think it’s a good message to spread.

Thoughts About Mental Health

ESA Summer School 2014

The ESA Summer School 2014 Group


Learning data assimilation


My poster on Global Heat Fluxes in the 21st Century


Enjoying an evening in Frascati

Colosseum, Rome

View from the Vatican, Rome

European Space Agency Summer School

4th-14th August 2014  

Frascati, Rome, Italy

Last week I returned home from the European Space Agency Summer School, 2 weeks of learning about all things remote sensing, from data acquisition to analysis, ESA toolboxes and data assimilation (and the not-so-scary world of 4D-Var). 345 more words

Venus Express: Taking on the Second Planet from the Sun!

It’s Space Sunday once again, and today we’re returning to another mission headed by the ESA (European Space Agency). One thing that is great about this is that it’s been looking and studying Venus for far longer than any other craft. 465 more words