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On The Brink of Extinction?

Whilst searching around in my tired brain today (personally I blame the four little girls on the pony day and the seven am farrier appointment) I suddenly thought that I hadn`t written any blogs about breeds of horses. 896 more words


Quick Insights on Choosing the Right Saddle

A saddle is an important tool for equestrians. It provides support to both the rider and the horse. Some experts in the field even attribute a successful equine performance to the quality of the saddle the rider uses. 289 more words


Horse Stops Play At Lubenham

There seems to be something of a fashion at the moment for animals to invade sporting arenas.  A few days ago several observers reported that there was an unexpected shirehorse in the penalty area at Steel Park, home of Corby Town F.C.. 317 more words



(I did have a lesson between my last post and this one, I just didn’t post it.  It went okay, Atlanta was really lazy though.) 796 more words


Tight Throatlashes

I was competing today, and whilst wandering through the car park I was amazed to see such a number of tight throatlashes. Or throatlatches as some write. 611 more words


Be Ambitious...

I would say that I am a reasonably ambitious person. I will quite often set myself goals that, some may say, could be overly ambitious, especially as I often set myself a very limited timescale… Other times I set myself goals that are so easy that I complete them very quickly and then feel that I am not challenged. 242 more words

Positive Thinking!

So I have been (for lack of a better word) absolutely rubbish at updating this blog. I apologise and would make some promise about updating more from this point on but I know I will end up breaking whatever timescale I set myself and promise. 440 more words