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GlobalGirl Media- become part of the movement

“(GlobalGirl Media) is an example of how educating one young woman can transform a community.”                   - First Lady Michelle Obama

WHO? GlobalGirl Media (GGM) is an innovative nonprofit for underprivileged girls worldwide that promotes the vastly under-represented… 136 more words

The F Word: Feminist or Man-Hater?

There’s a trend to be seen among celebrities when they’re asked that one dreaded question: “do you consider yourself a feminist?” I’m sure as soon as the F word comes out, red lights flash and their vision blurs. 1,445 more words


The Second Passage

So much has changed since the civil rights era of the 60’s. A different time… a different place…a different agenda. Police brutality has always been an issue but never directly confronted. 383 more words


Once Again a Slave

America has, once again, been thrown into an undoubtedly racially charged storm of turmoil due the inappropriate acts of a few indecent men in Ferguson and St. 1,026 more words

The worst type of charity?

I think private schools should only have charitable status if at least 50 per cent of their children receive significant subsidies because their parents do not have the income level to support boarding fees. 251 more words


And Then There was Peace

I crave for the day when we will find peace,
When the wars of the world will all start to cease,
When pain and regret are a thing of the past, 271 more words


It’s a Saturday night that glows with the promise of adventure and laughter. Unfortunately for many women, with such adventure comes inevitable danger. So make sure your dress is a chaste length, tone down your makeup, avoid eye contact with men and remember to paint your nails. 461 more words