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Swappis söker volontärer eller praktikanter!

Swappis söker volontärer eller praktikanter!

 (foto: Sofia Aslanidou)

Swappis är alltså ett nytt koncept inom second hand med sin bas i Uppsala. På sin FB-sida… 138 more words


Flamboyant Chive Finale

Chives are one of our favourite Herbs.  They treat us to lots of lush green flavour  packed in  clumps from April onwards.  Every so often we treat them very harshly and chop them right down to ground level….but before you know it it they are back in full rich fresh growth once more.  The chop always comes before the Chives send up their flowers.  But come September we reckon they deserve to flourish and flower for once each year prior to  autumn and winter dieback….and what wonderful flowers they are, each bud swelling and bursting into lots of tiny stars. 

2nd September

© David Oakes 2014


I'm a dog! Hey!

A little glimpse into my life in Mexico these days.

the twigster,


PS: Try to make a story by connecting the pictures.

Here’s mine: I’m a dog and I like to run around in the corn. 29 more words


Green libraries promoting sustainable development

You can access the paper given by by MSR founding principal, Jeffrey Scherer, FAIA at the 2014 World Library and Information Conference in Lyon, France by clicking on the link below… 47 more words


Wrangling Alligators with Gator Whisperers

ABC News, Aug 2014

Two gator experts rescue gators, some of which can grow to be 1,000 pounds, all across the South.