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Scientific literacy

Public engagement in science is a hot topic highlighted by the ‘Nation of Curious Minds’ project and the National Objectives Framework component of the Freshwater Reform package. 476 more words


Nullius In Verba

The Latin in the title, meaning ‘on the word of no one’ or ‘take nobody’s word for it’, came to my attention after watching an episode of… 495 more words


ISO 14001, the world's most Popular Standard for Environmental Management

If one were to be asked at a quiz which the most popular standard for environmental management is; the answer shouldn’t be difficult to give: it is the ISO 14001 by a long shot. 300 more words


EMAS Accommodation Factsheet for 2014 for a sustainable holiday

Committed environmentalists may be planning to go on a last-minute holiday but are concerned about their environmental footprint.

Now, one possible solution is at hand. EMAS (the European Union’s Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) can help to identify the perfect accommodation, which aims to balance environmental and sustainability issues together for your holiday. 129 more words


Should we throwback or just merely throw the Hippie Movement?

Back in the 1960’s, the consciousness of different sectors of the society reached and grasped a valiant and enlightening knowledge about the destruction of environment and its possible. 776 more words

Knowing the Employment Description of Quality System Consulting Professionals

Market professionals explained that quality should be included in every product or service that a business creates. Since quality is a thing that most businesses are worried about, this term can be present in almost all industrial sectors. 393 more words


The El Niño phenomenon and you

Have you noticed? Summer is over but we can still feel the heat. It’s not summer heat. It’s that irritating kind of heat under a weather that we expect to be rainy or, if not, a lot cooler than in April and May. 427 more words

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