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enigma218:New Scientist

You want to know how old I am?” said Auntie Greta to her two nieces.
“Well, as you know, your ages (in years) have no common factor higher than 1. 128 more words


Bletchley Codebreakers and Japan

You probably know the story of the codebreakers of Bletchley, whose top secret work to decipher the Enigma system the Germans used to encrypt their wartime communications did so much to help the Allies win the war, and which also laid the foundations for modern computing. 524 more words


Monday's Riddle (9/1/14)

I’ll take many there, but won’t bring them back
It’s not due to time or feelings I lack.
It’s more about them and their present state… 17 more words

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Saturday's Riddle (8/30/14)

In a baseball game you must reach first base
If you want to score, then home is the place.
No one reaches first in a perfect game… 47 more words

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Friday's Riddle (8/29/14)

Kids tend to love it, adults not so much
No matter your name each life it will touch.
It’s always on time, it never comes late… 36 more words

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Thursday's Riddle (8/28/14)

It can not be seen whenever it’s there
It fills up a room, it’s much like the air.
It can not be touched, there’s nothing to hear… 15 more words

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