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The rearrangement of the senses.
In the transcendentalism of emerging thoughts.

Haying in the afternoons fading heat
i tend to wander away, around                         Waldens pond… 55 more words


Saturday's Friends

Saturday comes
After Friday
Thursday’s always lacking behind
Under the
Radar slips Wednesday -the
Day which comes before Tuesday
Aggravated by gloomy Monday
Yours truly sleeping through Sunday. 10 more words


Bless Me

O God,

Let the laughter hidden me comes out

Let me stand tall and shout

Let the colors be more colorful

and the flowers look more beautiful… 15 more words

My Poetry

growing. up.

Can be less than expected. Even cruel in it´s underestimated trait
– To end

Fleeting. I try to grasp all the forms confiding you.
Words and guestures. 239 more words


The Seniors

The senior citizens please pray and be

Steadfast. After teaching and leading

The new generation you should happily

Give them a chance.

Leave slander, jealousy, hate, regret, 70 more words

English Poems

Prayer Of Friends

May your friends be garlanded

May your enemies be humiliated

May you become victorious every where

May you never become sick

May all wicked people be insulted… 39 more words

English Poems

The Mother

My dear son do not run away

When I become unconscious

Do not trap yourselves in worldly


The bunglows and the wealth will

Come and go. 76 more words

English Poems