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“I Like a Look of Agony”

I like a look of Agony,
Because I know it’s true—
Men do not sham Convulsion,
Nor simulate, a Throe—

The Eyes glaze once—and that is Death—

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Summer Reading

Throughout my high school English classes, I made certain never to seek the aid of SparkNotes—those best-selling laminated cheat sheets that explain classic works of literature in language teenagers can understand.  946 more words

Passive Voice

Why do we use the PASSIVE VOICE?

Someone built this house in 1945.  (We don’t care who that “someone” or the “doer” of the action was. 245 more words

Free English Classes in Lexington

Many au pairs and other visitors to the United States wish to improve their English skills during their time here. We are very fortunately here in Lexington to have free English as a Second Language classes offered through the local community college. 189 more words

Au Pair


Since school started on Tuesday for me, I thought I’d show what books I need to read throughout the year for my English class. English is probably my favorite class so far, and I love my teacher, so hopefully I’ll have fun with them! 142 more words

Kids these days

Well, I’m a junior in high school and I made this blog for my English class. I don’t really know what to write about seeing as how I have never written on a blog before, so this is all new to me. 241 more words