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The historical link between growth in national wealth and growth in national energy consumption has completely evaporated

For many years, Andrew Warren has been one of the leading thinkers of a holistic approach to energy. While Andrew has headed the UK’s Association for the Conservation of Energy, he has been at the forefront to encourage a positive national awareness of the need for and benefits of energy conservation as well as to help establish a sensible and consistent national energy policy. 840 more words

Energy Efficiency

Rising energy costs and insecurity show EU must get real about reducing demand

In proposing a 30% rather than a 40% energy demand reduction target, the European Commission is increasing the risks that European Union member states face from fossil fuel dependence and slowing the economic and social benefits of better insulated homes and lower energy bills. 617 more words


From megawatts to negawatts: will the government's pilot work?

This post is by Katherine Watts, Green Alliance’s head of energy.

The full potential of reducing electricity demand is still far from being realised in the UK, despite being a low cost, low pollution and health improving way to reduce reliance on imported fossil energy. 742 more words

Low Carbon Energy