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Itchy Films

I’m getting itchy. Let’s write something.

So I’m about to embark on a fairly large scale project–my senior thesis–and I’ve been trying to bring in a lot of material that I’m interested in and that will perpetuate my desire to finish this project in a way that both suits it and allows room for it to evolve beyond my artificially constructed initial parameters. 752 more words

“In history there are many teachings. One is that if someone mistreats you, repay him in the same way: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a death for a death.

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Sun Myung Moon

Parashat Ki Tetzei

Ki Tetze כי תצא When you go forth
Torah: Devarim (Deuteronomy) 21:10-25:19
Haftarah: Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 54:1-10 (Sephardim & Ashkenazim)
Brith Chadashah: Matityahu (Matthew) 13:24-30

Parashat Questions… 345 more words

Brith Shalom

Letters to Me

“I’m losing love, I’m losing you, I’m losing everything, losing faith in the world where I wanna be so I don’t care the one thing that’s killing me is so wrong.” -Colbie Calliat  270 more words

Friend or Foe?


What are friends?


The dictionary says it is a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.  


If that were true then why would friends always be betraying each other for the better of themselves? 196 more words


Who is my enemy?
A hinderer
Who stands in the way
Of doing God’s will

Do I look inward?
How I get distracted
Focusing on my needs… 57 more words

The RIDE 8.30.14

Today is August 30, 2014…. Will you come along for the RIDE?

In 2000 I went to East Africa with some incredible friends to do children’s crusades. 1,142 more words