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"The End of the World is Upon Us!" by Charlie Centipede

The end of the world is clearly upon us! Good. If it hurries enough, I won’t have to pay back my student loans…

—Charlie Centipede



The last time I posted was 20th July 2014.

Today, it’s the 1st of September 2034. The world is ending soon.


Here’s a blast from the past.


Catch Up

1001 Uses For Dental Floss #32- Surviving The Apocalypse

Dr Strangelove, greatest conspiracy theory comedy film ever.

The world is coming to an end. The asteroid is about to crash into our planet, zombies are everywhere, the second coming is coming, and the Russians are invading. 219 more words


Do you remember where you were at the time of the Y2K Armageddon craze? 506 more words


Our greatest (post apocalyptic) fear

I’ve always been a big fan of post apocalyptic stories, and stories of survival against the odds. So the genre has always fascinated me. But I’m not the only one. 2,518 more words


More On Two-Headed Snake (Updated)

“Self-destruction, you’re headed for self-destruction.” —  the hook in the song, “Self-Destruction” by rapper KRS-One

I just read here that two-headed snakes do not survive long in the wild after birth. 404 more words

Human Potential

Too Late (Inspired by the book: Left Behind)

A world dark in hatred and corrupted by the devil.
We as humans believe that ignorance is bliss, but it is merely blindness.
Children look upon us to see what they will become. 258 more words