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Day 9: She believed she could, so she did...

I have come to the conclusion that my mom has spy camera’s hidden somewhere in my house. My guess is somewhere in the kitchen, but they could be anywhere. 386 more words


Put Your Cape On: Transmuting Trauma

Like many kids, I spent the night at my grandmother’s house when I was little.   We had fun. We used to walk around in the cow pasture looking for “fool’s gold” and cool rocks, we’d sometimes go fishing in her stock tank or feed the chickens, and we’d walk down to the “DANGER” (what I called the power plant located in a neighboring field).   803 more words

Abby Garrett

She wasn't allowed to say "can't"

You may have seen a video or two of a person with no legs doing amazing things. But this one is particularly interesting. It has a relationship twist pointing us to a greater awareness that there are no accidents, and anything is possible. 92 more words


Hold or Go

      What else was she supposed to do? Legs crossed but feet shuffling, she had to go. Slowly the feeling inside of her became to much to bear, and losing it in public would create much unwanted attention. 721 more words


What is Just Be? Why?

Hi Everyone,

My name is Kasra, and I have a passion for helping people achieve what they want to achieve. I have working for months to make sure I introduce this company the right way. 14 more words