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And then?

I was telling one of my friends about my travelling plans, the list of places I want to see before dying and stuff. He was like “You gonna travel so much alone?” 31 more words


Two Steps Back

All nerves

sweaty and hot


your call, as promised, is right on time

We don’t say much

because there isn’t much to say

But what we do say says enough… 66 more words



Yesterday was a good day, I met people, got really drunk and pissed off my ex. I’m currently sobbing and panicking in my room because I don’t fit in, people here either are into country and chick flicks, or drinking and drugs. 63 more words


Bottling up = Drunk on crap.

Today brought many blessings. One of them is me eventually ( 37 years later ) realizing how bottling up emotions ( typical codependent behavior ) ended poisoning me and my well being. 714 more words


Ordinary Toxicity

It is the story of a top.

A single piece of clothing, quite ordinary and uninteresting…

until it became the tool for a passive-agressive episode. 593 more words


Emotional rollercoaster

We’ve been feeling very emotional lately. I have, but its not just me. Other insiders are also feeling the emotions full force. Its not a pleasant experience let me tell you. 313 more words

Superstar, you finally made it

Sometimes in life you feel the fight is over
And it seems as though the writing’s on the wall.
Superstar, you finally made it,
But once your picture becomes tainted…

282 more words