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Big and Bold and Black

Here’s the thing, so I haven’t been writing for the past few years. Haven’t even been sharing my thoughts with anyone. Just pushing everything to the back of my head, like it was nothing, like it didn’t mean a thing, like i can forget about this and move on, like this would in no way affect my life if only i could just. 148 more words


Dear Self ...

Dear Self,

One day you’ll be able to go through the day without being tormented of things from your past. Time may not heal all wounds, but maybe it will numb some of the pain. 222 more words


The ins and outs of a military family

Being a military family, you get used to not having family around. There are times when Josh is gone for days and it’s just me with the kids. 1,098 more words

Two Under Two

Autumnal Dating – Singles Dating Agency looks at Dating in Older Years.

Dating – whether you are fourteen and have been asked out on your first date or you are in your ninth decade and you’ve struck up a friendship with a fellow octogenarian – is daunting. 431 more words

Dating Advice For Everyone

The Evolution of Prayer

The Evolution of prayer happens over the time, with the human beings. The human on any stage of evolution, have some spark of God. When the person doesn’t have a clear understanding of God, he believes what has been told to him by the society, his parents or the religion or culture he has been born and brought up. 1,452 more words


Thailand: Migrant Children Locked Up

Thailand holds thousands of migrant children in detention each year, causing them physical and emotional harm, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Child migrants and asylum seekers are unnecessarily held in squalid immigration facilities and police lock-ups due to their immigration status or that of their parents. 1,105 more words

A Simple Trick To Staying Inspired

I totally planned on writing a “how to stay inspired” post today….and I couldn’t feel less inspired.

Don’t get me wrong – things are going pretty well right now. 386 more words