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Media censorship in America - mechanism

Censorship happens in American media … often falling under the guise of “editing”.

(I’ve been an editor, in past years employed as one.)

It happens when someone gets an interview from someone who’s perhaps a little bolder or “outside-the-box” compared to themselves personally. 278 more words

Four Skills Needed To Be A Success

What skills lead the good life? Not math, being top dog, having the most toys or winning gold medals  These do not matter. Think about this cartoon. 1,762 more words


Social Intelligence 101

I wish I got my name spelled correctly even once @ my favorite coffee shop :S

Every time I go there I get a new name: Mali, Maly, Molly, Marley, and most recently (as captured in the picture) Miley! 798 more words

Adaptability And Growth

Comfort, comfort my people - not convert them

Comfort, comfort my people – not convert them

Yes, and, who are ‘my people’?

The Prophet Isaiah  (19:24-25) said the blessing of Abraham’s seed would be on the Egyptians (My people), the Assyrians (My handiwork) and Israel (My inheritance). 330 more words

Middle East


Change. We invite it in for the change we want and do our best to keep it at bay for what we don’t. Yet, change is a part of our lives – wanted or not, expected or not. 875 more words


What are yesterdays for?

We live in a sphere where there is lineal time. Scientists tell us that outside of our sphere there is no such thing as time, so time as we know it is really an illusion, but a pretty good one. 308 more words

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