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Elegantly Connected: EMMA and EMILY Padded Chair Designs by Färg & Blanche

Swedish-French design duo Färg & Blanche has come up with 2 elegant padded chair designs for Swedish furniture brand Gärsnäs. EMMA (depicted in the first 2 photos below) is a hand-sewn, well-tailored armchair that “speaks the language of craftsmanship picking up the gauntlet. The nee…

Happy Friday!! Andre, Chapter 34, is up - and it's NSFW

Without further ado’ing, here – pretty banner compliments of the awesome 4padfoot!

Hope you like!



I’m going to divert a bit.

Having never been required by my scholastic endeavors to partake in the literature penned by the lovely Ms. Austen, I had not yet had the inclination or the desire to experience her literary catalogue. 123 more words


Jane Austen: Emma: Chapter 40

A very few days had passed after this adventure, when Harriet came one morning to Emma with a small parcel in her hand, and after sitting down and hesitating, thus began: “Miss Woodhouse–if you are at leisure–I have something that I should like to tell you–a sort of confession to make–and then, you know, it will be over.” 2,050 more words

Jane Austen

In the penumbra, each object, cast a shadow across the floor, stretching like dark monsters edging out of a child’s bed. Behind her the screech of the alarm etched itself slowly into her consciousness until the point where her auditory senses would have felt deprived without its audible presence. 843 more words