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Culture Shock - French

Okay, so how do I put this.

Today in English class, our teacher changed our assigned seats into new ones, and I was stuck in between a fat Korean boy and a huge (not like fat huge, like sport jockey huge) French dude. 465 more words


What English should you speak for a Cambridge exam?

No matter if you master a specific variety of English (British, American or Australian). If you want to take a Cambridge exam (ESOL Examinations – Cambridge English Language Assessment), relax and…be consistent. 34 more words



I just said a really bad pun and I guess my mum thought we were having a worst pun competition because she replied with “That was puntastic” I think she won

Poem of the Week: A Little Respect Goes a Long Way

Hello, readers!

We’ve all had that certain someone in our lives who has treated us like absolute fecal matter on at lest one occasion out of his or her apparent need to put us down for one reason or another. 738 more words


Magical Furniture (Stream of Consciousness Saturday)

It’s amusing to me how age affects the things we say or do, particularly how young children feel free to say things adults normally wouldn’t. I recently thought about a time when I did that myself as a child and had no idea that what I’d said was wrong, since I fully didn’t understand the whole situation in the first place. 381 more words




The Ass Family!

Boy Genius!  

Good Reason to Wear Pajamas to Bed!!! 

Tattoo Of The Year 

Latest Grill Accessories  29 more words