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The Day After

When will I learn? It could have been worse I guess, although why did I tell you what I made for dinner? I know better. I know that I can’t talk on the phone and drink wine, I have no excuse. 50 more words


I did not pee my pants in the grocery store

I went to the beach and the waves were huge from a hurricane out in the ocean. We planned to just walk in the sand but the waves were so big they knocked us down and before we could get up another one completely covered us. 224 more words

From Russia with love

This post is about the penultimate guy I met in Hungary. Unlike the other guys I met up with this encounter would be a lot different. 1,250 more words


A Pretty Big Booger

I have thoroughly enjoyed this month off from visiting my RE and calling out of work and giving myself shots, and gaining more weight. I did use an OPK just to try a little on our own, you know, the fun way, without a syringe, a doctor and a nurse. 340 more words

And also, what if people are just pouring warm water over there heads?

This is going to be a very quick, apology post.

Sort of.

This post is triggered by a comment from a Hugxheart, who I admire for speaking out to something she thought is wrong. 420 more words

Just Ramblings

The checkout girl and me.

The idea of paying a good deed forward
or just brightening someone’s day unexpectedly
seems like a good thing to do.
Doesn’t it ?
The checkout girl and me. 647 more words

Tinder Tips Tuesday # 5 - Take the Shame Out of Your Game

One of the many trends that turn me off of someone’s Tinder (or Okcupid) profile is when they post something like “don’t worry I won’t tell anyone how¬†we met it can be our secret ;)” or “we can tell everyone we met at IHOP”. 405 more words