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The Songstress

Her reticent eyes unfolded
Over a smile meekly creased
Across her smoothly rendered face
Her soft lips rarely cracking
Open save for a breathy whisper… 84 more words


#WIPpet Wednesday - failed

I failed the writing break. I refuse to believe it’s anything but a good sign. Heather knows I’ve been filling a notebook with those random plot bunnies, but then the notebook ran out, and I had nothing left to put off Book 2 anymore. 215 more words


Elegy - Howard Jones

The last song I heard at work this morning was Elegy by Howard Jones, from the album Dream Into Action. This post, James, may not be easy to read. 1,183 more words


An “Elegy” To Elizabeth

A “eulogy” is: “A laudatory speech or written tribute, especially one praising someone who has died.” An “elegy” is “a song or poem expressing sorrow or lamentation especially for one who is dead.” You can call this post a eulogy if you like, but I prefer to think of it as an elegy… 609 more words


for CMJ and family

time takes its share and much much more
and leaves the rest to grieve
for all the things that never were
and the love that had to leave… 89 more words