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Outlander: Why is their Rhenish wine not white?!

Previous Outlander post: http://timeslipsblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/24/outlander-update-episode-3-no-way-out/

In my previous Outlander post, I mentioned my personal confusion as to why the Rhenish Wine was a Red or Rose and not a white variety that I am so fond of and familiar with? 2,044 more words

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Outlanderday Parritch!

Outlanderday breakfast: Parrtich with raspberries and cream!

Ok, I did cheat a bit on the parritch… I used two packages of  Open Nature  instant oatmeal. You can use any type you prefer for this. 184 more words

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Outlanderday Dinner

Ahhhh does it always seem that the show goes by so quickly, then all of sudden you  feel that same kind of emotional  let down that you have when you turn the last page of an excellent book and realize it’s a long wait for a next one? 871 more words

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From the Creator: A Little about me!


I am a dreamer, a searcher, a story teller. I am on a journey through life and through time, a lover of history as well as of what the future might bring. 3,221 more words

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