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Free Money; Seriously, Free Money:



I have heard and read the above statement more than a hundred times. Millions of tools and techniques have been suggested on how to make money easily and effortlessly. 298 more words



There are very few people I allow into my life. So many of them confuse me or are too needy…and right now I feel that my needs would just be a burden to their existence…I don’t know how to ask for help yet I feel like I was put on this planet to serve others???…what is this about??? 405 more words



This World Hearing Voices Day we are holding an event called

Wonderful ways for Wellbeing.

Held at the Grey Lynn Library Hall, we will have a collection of nonmedical ways of increasing the wellbeing of those who experience Voices and Visions in the community. 127 more words

The true price of hypnotherapy: Can you afford NOT to?

Although hypnotherapy can offer a profound improvement in the quality of a person’s life, numerous people still see it as a luxury. Whilst they might think nothing of investing in drinking, cigarettes, dining out or ‘therapeutic’ shopping trips, by using money for something like hypnosis is deemed as an extravagance. 639 more words

Being Authentic with Our Emotional Landscape

When we look at the people around us to fix us it won’t happen.   It’s not their story and it’s not their job.   It is only when we learn to turn the lens within and face the internal landscape that we can begin the wonderful process of transformation. 532 more words

The enemy within

“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”  African Proverb

The enemy within keeps us stuck and in our place.  We push and prod but we continue to feel stuck.   259 more words


Clear Past Traumas vs. Create Positive Futures: And the Winner Is…

The other day I was having a discussion with colleague Michael Reddy. The following question came up. When it comes to understanding true change and healing, which is more effective: creating powerful positive intentions and visualization about the future, or clearing the negative effects of past traumatic events that hold us back? 605 more words

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