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New Experiences

There is no denying that languages such as English, French and Spanish have international appeal as the world’s global languages. One would be able to add Mandarin Chinese to that list as well, considering the number of Chinese speakers who live outside countries where it is an official language. 435 more words


eleventh hour

the last possible moment
—Most of the students wasted their time and waited until the eleventh hour to study for the test.

Jesus told a story about a landowner who went out in the early morning and hired some men to work in his vineyard. 359 more words


Tiny footsteps. Tiny, tentative footsteps...

So the day has arrived. Today was my first day of teacher training!

In an ideal world, with infinite time, I’d like to blog daily during what is a very exciting time, but with the sheer volume of work I’m expecting, I just don’t think that will be practicable. 172 more words


Crash landing

After a brief three weeks in the UK I’m back in Italy, more specifically Treviso. A little over a week ago I hauled more than half my body weight across Rome (leaving me with a beautiful set of purple case-corner bruises), moved my life into a room and dashed to catch a train halfway up the country.  740 more words

Teaching Context

One of my biggest challenges with my students is getting to use context. In China, English grammar is the focus in schools. Conversation is less important. 913 more words


Soul Searching

Welcome to the new look that English Paradigm has. I am a bit spontaneous sometimes and often like to do things suddenly. Changing the look of this website was one such thing. 139 more words


Teaching Pronunciation

Our trainees worked hard at coming to grips with the phonemic alphabet in their pronunciation session this past weekend. They learned the symbols to represent the sounds of the English language, and how using the script in class can help English learners better understand English pronunciation. 26 more words